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Life is too short to keep trudging off to a job you hate.

You want your work to count for something, but you feel stuck, overwhelmed, unsure of yourself and exhausted. You can let things remain as they are, waiting and wishing your life was better. You could let another month – or worse, another year – pass by with no solution in sight. 

…But you know you can DO more and BE more. You need someone who can help you see your strengths, nurture what you’re capable of, and create a plan of action. Luckily, that’s exactly what I do.

Gain Momentum in your Job Search with a clear target and strategies for action

Experience greater confidence by understanding yourself and the labour market

Find work that is meaningful and is suited to your strengths

Live with fulfillment and energy every day, in a position that enables you to make an impact

Nel Slater, Career & Life Coach sitting a note book and laptop on a grey couch.

I’ve Been there and have the qualifications to help you

I get it. I know the challenges of searching for work that’s a better fit. With my own unique career journey, I’ve learned from navigating a variety of obstacles and I can definitely pass along that learning to you. But, not only do I understand your circumstances, I’m also qualified to help you! As a professional who specializes in career coaching, I provide career support to help people like you find joy in your work, reduce fatigue and make real contributions in the marketplace.

What’s the Investment?

How much is inaction costing you? How much of your life is draining away because you’re in the wrong job? How much is your mental health suffering? How much of your potential is being wasted?

Doing nothing to change your situation may be costing you a great deal.


Career Coaching for Clarity & Confidence – 4 Sessions

Your Investment:  $797  


My Career Coaching is customized to suit your unique background, professional experience and goals. In powerful coaching conversations, you’ll be guided to specific actions that remove your overwhelm — such as career exploration, temperament or interest inventories, labour market research, and much more, depending on your goals.

Services are provided via confidential teleconferencing.

To get started, schedule a free discovery call, so I can hear your story and answer your questions.

Here’s how it works

3 Simple Steps


book a discovery call

Tell us your goals and situation. This allows us to answer any questions and match you with a coach.



Meet with your coach to discuss your goals and roadblocks. Get practical action steps for your situation. 


Rinse & repeat

Experience confidence as you learn about yourself, the labour market and how to reach your goal.

What we believe

…You deserve the support to reach your personal best

…You have more strengths and resources than you realize

…You can create a positive ripple effect in the world around you

…Your world needs you to come alive and be engaged in your work

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We have worked with clients across a broad range of industries: